Victor Morgan is an international artist based in Germany, United States and Nigeria with unique sound that contains infusion of pop, dancehall, afrobeat and hip hop altogether. His rich afrocentric rhythm is masterfully crafted out of originality, crossing across borders without bound. The release of his official single, “Girls Dem Sugar” has launched his prospective career to a whole new level, engraving the brand name, Victor Morgan, in the consciousness of music lovers and fans alike.
Since it was officially dropped for public perusal, “Girls Dem Sugar” has proving to be a hit-song in the making, growing in acceptability, and spreading gradually like a wild fire. This creative piece of work clearly explains the strong artistic capacity of Victor Morgan, which is at the verge to experience massive explosion.

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Girls Dem Sugar by Victor Morgan  is  a song specially dedicated to all women, the song says women are Sugar water cannot dilute – So hold on to your own woman well lo.

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